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Snow Kiting

Imagine being able to ride fresh powder all day long, never having to stop to queue for a chairlift. Imagine the feeling of cruising up a hill, instead of down it! Imagine turning a flat powder field into your own freestyle park.

Stop imaging - this isn’t a dream… Snowkiting is here to give you all this and more…

Snowkiting has exploded in popularity recently and is now the fastest growing winter sport across the globe. Whether you ski or snowboard, its time to enter a whole new world. Take your existing snow skills into a new dimension and get ready for the most exciting sport you’ll ever experience!

Kiteaddicts has a wicked range of snowkiting courses and trips planned for the coming season, everything from Taster Sessions, Beginner to Advanced Tuition, Snowkiting Tours and Heli-Trips!
Courses being run August and September, based from the Adrenaline Capital of the World – Queenstown, New Zealand…

Click here for course details or Click here for details of our Instructor Training Courses.

The opportunities are endless and the best news is it’s easy to learn and amazing fun. Depending on what takes your fancy snowkiting has it all, take your pick from the following:

Cruiser? Unused flat snow covered fields now become your playground, you can either just cruise around enjoying that unique feeling of harnessing the elements or bust some big air! You choose how extreme you want to make it.

Big Air Freestlyer? If air time is what you’re after then look no further, some of the jumps that boarders and skiers are pulling under the power and security of power kites are simply breath taking.

Backcountry Powder Junkie? Fancy getting to those hard to reach spots? Well now you have your own personal lift system. Snowkiting can open up endless back country potential. Don’t fancy the hike up a hill, then let the kite power you up, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being powered up a hill by the wind. When you’re at the top just pack the kite away and head back down through that untracked powder.

Speed Freak? If you have a need for speed then snowkiting will give you your fix. Speeds of over 70kmph have been recorded.

Cross Country Explorer? Snowkites have been used by mountaineers on arctic expeditions for years. They use the kites to pull the rider and gear sleds across miles of frozen tundra.
With Snowkiting, the possibilities are endless…

KiteAddicts is also the only snowkiting centre in the Southern Hemisphere to offer students the chance to learn snowkiting in an accredited IKO (International Kiteboarding Associations) training centre. So you have the peace of mind that you’re being taught by professional instructors and you’ll be using the latest and safest equipment.

Click here for Commonly Asked Questions...