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Kiteaddicts is NZ's leading kite sports centre, offering a wide range of courses from kitesurfing to snowkiting. From your first steps through to your whole new lifestyle and even professional instructor training for those life changing career moves.

IKO Certified teaching centre

Kiteaddicts runs a range of IKO courses as well as a range of other fun stuff such as Safaris, Holidays, Thundercat rides and Scurfing. All courses include the option for video analysis which is a great teaching aid and also a good way to show off to your mates!

Booking yourself on any of our courses is simple, just contact us using any of the details from the contacts page and we'll answer any questions you might have and get you booked onto the best course for you.

Courses at Kiteaddicts are the complete deal from providing your kit, to re-booking if the wind's no good and of course that all important insurance cover. Tuition is usually based around the local tides to ensure you have shallow flat water to learn in, unless of course it's a land-based course such as landboarding, then we do are best not to get you wet at all.

Kiteaddicts is a recognised IKO school and all our instructors are fully qualified and experienced. All of our instructors are complete Kite Addicts so you can be assured you'll get the best advice and training available.

In the case of no wind situations, we have plenty of other activities to keep us busy on the beach and water. We will cover any theory and safety components of a course in low wind conditions and we always have a race tuned Thundercat standing by should we want to practice any wakeboarding, scurfing or just go for a blast!

If we are unable to cover any components of the course due to lack of wind then we will reschedule the course with yourselves for another convenient time to complete any outstanding components.