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Getting Started

Safety Information

General Safety Guidelines

Remember if in doubt DON’T go out!

Kiting commonsense:

• Only kite out as far as you can swim back in; keep some energy in the tank.
• Always kite with a buddy or have someone watching you.
• Never fly kite over people, trees, buildings, boats, hard objects, etc. It is preferable to keep at least 100 m clear space down wind of kite.
• Having a trained buddy to assist with launching and landing kites is always preferable especially when learning.
• Always assume the kite can power up at any moment.
• Never touch or grab the kite lines or leader lines when there is tension on them.
• Never permanently attach yourself to your kite.
• Don’t lend kiting equipment to inexperienced people.
• Help out other kiters to launch and land their kites or assist them when they are in trouble.

Environmental Conditions:

• Never go kiting in offshore wind conditions.
• Be very careful when sailing in onshore wind conditions, always be looking for gusts etc.
• Kite 200-300m away from the shore.
• Ideal conditions range from cross onshore to side shore.
• Never go kiting in a thunder storm
• Don’t underestimate the power of the wind.

Kiting Locations:

• Know your kiting location.
• If you don’t, ask someone who does.
• Always have a friendly coastline downwind of your kiting position.
• Never sail near power lines, roads, etc.
• Do not launch on crowded beaches, and stay clear of them.
• Always announce to bystanders that you are about to launch a kite.
• Understand tide and rips of the area.

Kiting equipment:

• Always wear a helmet and buoyancy aid
• Use the correct size kite and board for the conditions
• Always use a kite safety leash
• Always double check equipment and run through pre-flight equipment checks before launching.

Kiting safety skills to practice:

• Solo launching and landing of kite
• Water re-launching kite in light winds
• Water re-launching kite in deep water
• Self rescue techniques
• Anti-Lofting Techniques

Remember if in doubt DON’T go out!