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Wake Boarding, Skurfing and Biscuit Rides

Safaris - The Endless Summer

Whether you want to learn or have been kiteboarding for years our safaris are the break for you. Our safaris start in Auckland and take in the west coast beaches, inland lakes, 90 mile beach, Cape Reinga and The Bay of Islands. This scenary in these locations is some of the best New Zealand has to offer. The Northland area as it is otherwise known also gets the best weather in New Zealand, well known for its so called, endless summer.

KiteAddicts safaris will give you the opportunity to Kiteboard and try a load of other awesome activities in lots of different locations and conditions. When you are not on the water you will be experiencing some of the most amazing scenary, wildlife and culture in the world.

Although the KiteAddicts safari is based around Kiteboarding, we will have time to try other activities which include:

  • Kite Landboarding
  • Buggying
  • Power Kiting
  • Wakeboarding
  • Skurfing (wakesurfing, behind our race tuned Thundercat through the surf)
  • Sand Boarding
  • Fishing
  • Whale and Dolphin watching (in season)
  • Star Gazing with a bottle of beer

There is always something new to see or do on a safari trip, if you want to do something out of the ordinary, lets do it! it's your holiday.....

What's included in a Safari

  • Pick up and drop off included
  • Over night courses include basic accommodation (campsites, backpackers or cabins)
  • Bring your own lunch or we can make a lunch stop
  • Bring your swimming gear, day pack and sun block
  • All kit and equipment is included, including wetsuits
  • All day long courses and safaris include an IKO Workbook, and Kiteboarder Card to certify your level

Where do we go?

  • East coast beaches
  • West coast beaches
  • Inland lakes
  • Pihia
  • Russel
  • Cape Reinga


1 day, $200

KiteAddicts mobile unit will head to one of the fantastic beaches within 1-2 hours of Auckland. Includes 3 hours of Kiteboarding tuition and related activities.

2 day, $450

KiteAddicts mobile unit will head north to an east or west coast beach, day 1 will include 3 hours of kiteboarding tuition and related activities. Depending on where the wind has taken us and what the weather is doing we will set up camp using cabins or backpacker accommodation. Day 2 will include breakfast, 3 hours of kiteboarding tuition and related activities. This safari is totally spontaneous, you are fully involved and if you want to do something out of the ordinary, as long as all concerned are in agreement, well lets do it...

5 day, $1000

KiteAddicts mobile unit will head north, we will travel to the best spot for each days conditions, whether it be an east coast beach, west coast beach, inland lake or one of he many deserted beaches at cape reinga. Each night we will set up camp at a campsite, cabins or use backpacker accommodation. Breakfast snacks and drinks throughout the day are included, however evening meals will not be included. We will eat out, or grab some stuff for the BBQ. This safari is a great way to see Northland and experience the amazing scenery and different cultures that New Zealand has to offer. Call if you have any questions.