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Land Based Power Kiting Course: $150 (3 hours)

Your introduction to a range of power kites, how to fly them and how to use the power, plus of course all those necessary safety bits and pieces. During the course we will teach you how to fly both two and four line foils, the right conditions to take them out in and all the different land based sports you can enjoy them with. This three hour session will also introduce you to the traction kite delights of 'skudding' and 'foot-skiing' and if you don't know what they are come along and find out!

Completion of this course will allow you to become a safe and independent power kiter. The taster session includes:

Entry Level

  • No experience needed


  • This session will provide you with the skills to safely fly land based power kites.

Analysis and Feedback

  • We can provide video analysis for your course, giving you valuable feed back on your performance and progression. We can arrange to put this onto VCD as a souvenir of your kiteboarding experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Brief background of the sport
    • Kit review
    • Wind Window
    • Weather
  • 2 line Kite Skills
    • Kite set up
    • Pack Down
    • Ground Handling
    • Safety Systems
    • Landing and Re-launching
    • Power strokes and sine waves
    • Scudding
    • Jumping
  • 4 line Kite Skills
    • Kite set up
    • Pack Down
    • Ground Handling
    • Safety Systems
    • Landing and Relaunching
    • Power strokes and sine waves
    • Scudding
    • Jumping

The kites used in this course will be 2 and 4 line ram air kites. All safety equipment will be provided, i.e. helmet, knee, elbow pads and gloves. The taster session will last 3 hours. An IKO card or qualification will not be accredited to this session. The taster session is time limited and individual progression will depend on previous experience in kite flying and individual ability.