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IKO Information


The International Kiteboarding Organisation was founded in November 2001 as an independent international organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of kiteboarding worldwide.

Through the development of a professional network of affiliated kiteboarding centres and trained instructors and examiners, the IKO provides a professional level of teaching standards, recognised and applied worldwide. Today the IKO is expanding its activities in order to improve its contribution to the proper development of this fast growing sport.

IKO Kiteboarder Card

Students learning with an IKO centre will receive an IKO kiteboarder workbook and IKO kiteboarder card.

The IKO kiteboarder card certifies your level according to your skills, and allows schools, instructors and shops to be aware of your level.

Thanks to the kiteboarder card you can continue to learn at any IKO affiliated kiteboarding centres located worldwide. Some centres request that you present your card before you hire equipment, which is a great way to promote safety.

Thanks to the kiteboarder card you can benefit from discounts and save money around the world in shops participating in the IKO kiteboarder card advantages program.

IKO Commitment to Quality Standards

Every year, teaching, certification, safety and quality standards are improved. The IKO is striving to always provide better service and quality and that is why these updates are necessary on a regular basis. The IKO reserves the right to upgrade the standards during the year if necessary.

Quality standards are beneficial to all. They are designed by the IKO to provide with the best quality in teaching and by applying them, the teaching body’s credibility is enhanced. Students choose to learn with an IKO instructor because they are aware that they will receive quality teaching.