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Introduction to Kiteboarding: $150 (3 hours)

Before outlaying your hard earned cash on kit and a full IKO Kitesurf course come and try this sport out for yourself. This session will give you an insight into the sport of Kitesurfing and Power Kite flying.

Entry Level

  • No experience needed
  • Must be able to swim


  • This session will give you a real taste of what Kitesurfing is about and will give you a good foundation from which to continue learning.

Analysis and Feedback

  • We can provide video analysis for your course, giving you valuable feed back on your performance and progression. We can arrange to put this onto VCD as a souvenir of your kiteboarding experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Brief background of the sport
    • Kit review
    • Wind Window
    • Weather and Tides
  • Kite Skills
    • Kite set up
    • Pack Down
    • Ground Handling
    • Safety Systems
    • Power strokes and sine waves
    • Leash out and water restarts
  • Body Dragging
    • One handed flying
    • Up wind body dragging
  • Board Intro
    • Board features, types and review
    • Board start theory
    • Supported shallow water start

The kites used in this course will be 2 line ram air and 2 line leading edge inflatables. The taster session will last 3 hours. This sessions primary goal is to introduce the want to be kiteboarders to the sport in a safe and fun way. An IKO card or qualification will not be accredited to this session. As the taster session is time limited each student's progression will depend on previous experience in kite flying and individual ability.